Seth Pepper Mental Sports Performance Coach

Seth Pepper

I believe in dreams.

I accomplished mine. And now I help others to accomplish theirs, whether that be helping people build unbreakable confidence under pressure or simply teaching them how to get out of their own way. I know what it took for me to reach the top of my “Mount Everest”, and now I’m focused on continually evolving and applying all that I’ve learned to help my clients reach their own. Consider me your personal performance Sherpa.

My personal experience of having been to the athletic battlefield, is crucial in gaining the trust and faith in the process for the people I work with today.

The Journey

At the age of 14, I chose my sport and within just six years of that first day in the pool, I became one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. Sure, part of that process meant pushing my body beyond what most believed was physically possible, but a much larger part – the part that carried me all the way to the top – was developing the power of my mind. Along the way, I won 2 National Championships, held the #4 Ranking in the World and was inducted into The Hall of Fame. The impossible… isn’t.

My plan worked for me. So, I began to wonder if it could help others, too. All I needed was a volunteer (victim?) and, as fate would have it, I found one in the very next bedroom. Using my signature method, I mentally trained my brother, Martin – who didn’t begin his swimming career until the ripe-old-age of 17 – and now, we are now the first brothers in the history of our sport to be National Champions in the same event. But here’s the thing: though we competed in the same sport and even the same event, our personalities and training style are polar opposites. Still, the tools I developed and shared with him produced the same “miraculous” results.

This faith is powerful and applicable to nearly any field of endeavor. From Olympic Champions to NBA Basketball Professionals in World Championship Organizations, ATP World Ranked Tennis Players and Coaches, PGA and LPGA Multiple-Time Champion Pros and Caddies to NFL Players, Professional Soccer Athletes, D1 Head Coaches of Top 20 Nationally Ranked Universities or the development of next generation Elite Youth Sports Performers in Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Hockey – my program is focused on accessing each person’s unlimited potential.

As an athlete myself, and now a Performance Mental Coach to Professional and D1 Athletes and Coaches around the globe – I have lived and learned the keys to achieving greatness. You can expect results from our work together. In fact, I insist that you do. Challenge me. I assure you I’ll challenge you right back. We are working to compress time and accomplish your goal in the most direct route possible. Moving from Point A to your Point B in the most fearless Journeyman’s Journey possible.

As a person who’s been to the mountain top and back it’s my passion and my privilege to help guide you along your own journey. And, no, I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, you already knew it wasn’t. But the view from the top is something you’ll never forget.

You will ultimately achieve whatever you believe is possible in your heart. Let’s do this.

The Best,

 •  2-Time National Champion
 •  University Team Captain
 •  Pacific Conference “Athlete of the Year”
 •  University of Arizona “Athlete of the Year”
 •  2-Time “Hall of Fame” Inductee
 •  23-Time All-American
 •  University Record Holder in 7 Events
 •  Pan Pacific Games Gold Medalist
 •  World University Games Gold Medalist
 •  Fastest Relay Split Ever Recorded
 •  American Record Holder at World Championships
 •  Medalist at World Championships
 •  Professional Athlete + Nike Sponsorship