Usain Bolt – “Body Language” – 100M Running Fastest Race Ever Olympic Gold Medal

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⚠️ Power of Body Language ⚠️

Our Body Language governs how we Think and Feel about Ourselves, and thus, how we Hold our Bodies can have an Impact on our Minds.

If you learn to tweak Body Language just a little bit, it Significantly changes the way Your Life Unfolds.

Commanding a Powerful Stance, we can make ourselves actually Feel More Powerful.

Studies now show that “Power Posing” actually changes your Body Chemistry – those who adopt High-Power Poses demonstrate an Increase in Testosterone and a Decrease in Cortisol. These hormonal effects are further Evidence of Increases in Feelings of Power.

Adopting an Expansive Posture makes people Feel more Powerful.

Examined studies clearly demonstrates a link between Expansive Postures and Feelings of Power.

It’s easy to overlook The Audience that Matters Most … we, ourselves, are influenced by our own Non-verbal communication: through our thoughts, our feelings, and our physiology.

Non-verbals express Power and Dominance. In the Animal Kingdom, they are about Expanding. You make yourself Big, you Stretch Out, you Take Up Space, you are basically Opening Up.

It’s about Opening Up. It’s not just limited to Primates. Humans do the same thing.”

What do we do when we feel powerless? We do exactly the opposite. We close up. We make ourselves small.

Just be Conscious of this Inside Ourselves, Inside our Team, and then how it is a battle with the people in the mirror (across from us – in competition).

Can people Fake It and would it lead them to succeed more?

Can you fake it till you make it? Can you do this just for a little while and actually experience a Behavioral Outcome that makes you More Powerful?

There’s some evidence that they do. When we smile when we feel happy, but also, when we’re Forced To Smile by holding a pen in our teeth, it makes us Feel Happy. So it goes Both Ways.

When it comes to Power, it also goes Both Ways. So when you Pretend To Be Powerful, you are more likely to actually Feel Powerful.

What do the Minds of The Powerful versus the powerless look like? Powerful people tend to be more Assertive, more Confident, and more Optimistic. They actually Feel they’re going to Win even at games of Chance. They take more risks.

When you think about power, you think only about testosterone, because that was about dominance. But really, power is also about how you React to Stress. So do you want the high-power leader that’s dominant, high on testosterone, but really Stress Reactive? Probably not. You want the person who’s Powerful and Assertive and Dominant, but Not very stress Reactive, the person who’s Laid Back in Stressful Situations.

We have evidence, both that the Body Shape the Mind. So what happens if you do really tiny manipulations? For example, two minutes you to stand with your Hands on your Hips, and it’s going to make you Feel More Powerful.

Our Non-verbals govern how we Think and Feel about Ourselves. Our bodies change our minds.

Can Power Posing for a few minutes really change your life in meaningful ways? Again, this is Not about you talking to other people. It’s You Talking to Yourself.

You are supposed to be here! You’re going to Fake It, you’re going to Make Yourself Powerful.

Eventually you will realize that you have not just Faked It till you make it, you have actually Faked it till You Became It.

Say to yourself, don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you Become It. Do it enough until you actually Become It and internalize (normalize) it.

Tiny Tweaks can lead to Big Changes. Try two minutes. Before you go into the next Stressful Situation.

Configure your Brain to cope the best in that situation. Get your Testosterone Up. Get your Cortisol Down. Show them who you are. Leave that situation feeling: I Showed UP!

All you need to do is apply Your Body Language, and it can Significantly Change the Outcomes of Your Life.


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